How to make your kids spend more times outdoor if you’re an expat in Poland?

Make your kids play outdoors in Poland

So you’ve decided to try a different living environment and gave this magnificent developing European nation a chance. You might be worried though – isn’t it too cold there? Are my kids going to like it and play outdoors even in the cold of Eastern European winters? Just like in the US, in Poland it seems with all the video games and modern technology that is available children are no longer paying outdoors. Well, you can always use the proven method of making them wanna leave outside ASAP. Simply tell them in your newly learned Polish “Kupiłam najlepszy odkurzacz na rynku, czy możesz pomóc mi posprzątać?” (I’ve bought the best vacuum cleaner on the market, could you help me with cleaning?). You’re guaranted they will be ready to leave home immediately.

However, jokes asides there are plenty of nice ways to organize the time for your kids so that they will be actually looking forward to leave their video consoles behind and play outside. There are some tips on how to make your children spend more time outdoors in Poland.

Electric Scooters

Those things are all the rave now in Poland! There are a number of electric scooter and power toys that make playing outside fun. These tools can look like the adult cars and are operated by pushing a button. They are great for young and older kids. They can drive around the yard and have all kinds of pretend fun. Electric scooters are great for older children too. They can learn how to operate these toys and have all kinds of fun with their friends.

Organize a Soccer Game

Soccer is a big thing in Poland and nearly every boy (and many girls too!) loves playing it. Gather some children from the neighborhood and start a match! This will not only get the children up and moving it will teach them some social skills and teamwork at the same time. And who knows, maybe your son is going to become the next Robert Lewandowski…?

Treasure Hunt

Hide small objects around the yard and have the children go on a treasure hunt. They will find clues as to where their next treasure is going to be hidden. Children will love exploring the yard and this will keep them busy for a long time. As for the ideas for what kind of treasures you can use as a bait – I would suggest some incredibly delicious Polish chocolate such as Ptasie Mleczko. Yum!

Water Toys

Śmigus Dyngus is not the only occassion when kids (and some adults!) enjoy spraying water on each other. In the hot summer months you can also provide some water toys for the children to play with. A pool is fun but if there is no room for the pool there are a number of other great water toys. Slip and slides can provide a lot of water entertainment as well as sprinklers. Water guns and water balloons are also fun for the children to play with.


Children like to discover all kinds of new things. This is something that should be encouraged. Bug boxes, trowels, and magnifier will allow the children to check out and explore the wonders of the outdoors.

Play in the Leaves

During the fall there is nothing more fun than playing in the leaves. Have the children rake the leaves into a big pile and then jump in them. They will have fun and try to see how big they can get the pile of leaves before they jump. This is a fond childhood memory for many people.

Put up a Bird Feeder

Children often love animals and like to watch them. The children can build an outdoor bird feeder. The children will stay busy making this feeder. They can than hang it and fill it with bird seed. When the birds start coming to eat from the feeder the children will enjoy watching them. They can then see how many different kinds of birds they can name. Hint: make them learn the name gżegżółka – this word is the stuff of nightmares for Polish kids when it comes to learning the ortography of the language!

These are just some outdoor activities to encourage your children in Poland to put down the technology and get out and play. Children should get at least an hour of physical activity a day and playing outside in the leafy suburbs of Cracow or Warsaw is a great way to have fun and get moving.

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