How to make your kids spend more times outdoor if you’re an expat in Poland?

Make your kids play outdoors in Poland

So you’ve decided to try a different living environment and gave this magnificent developing European nation a chance. You might be worried though – isn’t it too cold there? Are my kids going to like it and play outdoors even in the cold of Eastern European winters? Just like in the US, in Poland it seems with all the video games and modern technology that is available children are no longer paying outdoors. Well, you can always use the proven method of making them wanna leave outside ASAP. Simply tell them in your newly learned Polish “Kupiłam najlepszy odkurzacz na rynku, czy możesz pomóc mi posprzątać?” (I’ve bought the best vacuum cleaner on the market, could you help me with cleaning?). You’re guaranted they will be ready to leave home immediately.

However, jokes asides there are plenty of nice ways to organize the time for your kids so that they will be actually looking forward to leave their video consoles behind and play outside. There are some tips on how to make your children spend more time outdoors in Poland.

Electric Scooters

Those things are all the rave now in Poland! There are a number of electric scooter and power toys that make playing outside fun. These tools can look like the adult cars and are operated by pushing a button. They are great for young and older kids. They can drive around the yard and have all kinds of pretend fun. Electric scooters are great for older children too. They can learn how to operate these toys and have all kinds of fun with their friends.

Organize a Soccer Game

Soccer is a big thing in Poland and nearly every boy (and many girls too!) loves playing it. Gather some children from the neighborhood and start a match! This will not only get the children up and moving it will teach them some social skills and teamwork at the same time. And who knows, maybe your son is going to become the next Robert Lewandowski…?

Treasure Hunt

Hide small objects around the yard and have the children go on a treasure hunt. They will find clues as to where their next treasure is going to be hidden. Children will love exploring the yard and this will keep them busy for a long time. As for the ideas for what kind of treasures you can use as a bait – I would suggest some incredibly delicious Polish chocolate such as Ptasie Mleczko. Yum!

Water Toys

Śmigus Dyngus is not the only occassion when kids (and some adults!) enjoy spraying water on each other. In the hot summer months you can also provide some water toys for the children to play with. A pool is fun but if there is no room for the pool there are a number of other great water toys. Slip and slides can provide a lot of water entertainment as well as sprinklers. Water guns and water balloons are also fun for the children to play with.


Children like to discover all kinds of new things. This is something that should be encouraged. Bug boxes, trowels, and magnifier will allow the children to check out and explore the wonders of the outdoors.

Play in the Leaves

During the fall there is nothing more fun than playing in the leaves. Have the children rake the leaves into a big pile and then jump in them. They will have fun and try to see how big they can get the pile of leaves before they jump. This is a fond childhood memory for many people.

Put up a Bird Feeder

Children often love animals and like to watch them. The children can build an outdoor bird feeder. The children will stay busy making this feeder. They can than hang it and fill it with bird seed. When the birds start coming to eat from the feeder the children will enjoy watching them. They can then see how many different kinds of birds they can name. Hint: make them learn the name gżegżółka – this word is the stuff of nightmares for Polish kids when it comes to learning the ortography of the language!

These are just some outdoor activities to encourage your children in Poland to put down the technology and get out and play. Children should get at least an hour of physical activity a day and playing outside in the leafy suburbs of Cracow or Warsaw is a great way to have fun and get moving.

Safety Tips for Home Backup Generators


Safety Tips for Home Backup Generators

So you made the right decision to provide an additional protective measure for your home and grandkids – a backup power source. Blackouts happen more frequently than could imagine and they can be a real nuissance.

A whole house generator can indeed power an entire home including the heating systems, water pumps, refrigerators, lights, and medical equipment. On the other hand, portable generators can be also a viable solution for many households. Nonetheless while there are many benefits to using an emergency generator there are some risks and dangers that are associated with it.

These are some of my safety tips and precautions that should be taken when using a portable generator.

Use in Open Areas

Portable generators should never be used inside a home, garage, or another space that is enclosed. The reason for this is that they emit carbon monoxide which can be poisonous. If these fumes are indoors they can build up and a person can be toxic. Even with open windows or a running fan the carbon monoxide will still build up too quickly to be rushed away by the fresh air. The portable generator can be used outdoors away from windows and doorways. This gas in invisible so a person will not know there is a problem until it is too late. It is also wise to install a battery powered carbon monoxide detector on the unit.

Rest Between Filling

Gasoline as well as the vapors are highly flammable. Before refilling the generator allow it to cool down for at least two minutes. Never smoke cigarettes around the generator. If the portable generator is not going to be used for at least 30 days it is important to add a fuel stabilizer to the gasoline in it.

Read All Instructions Before Use

This many sound like common sense but there are many people that do not read the manufacturer’s instructions before using their portable generator. Reading the instructions will tell a person how to use the generator properly and give tips on staying safe.

Shut it Off

If a person that is around a generator begins to feel weak, sick, or dizzy the portable generator should be shut off right away. A person should go out into the fresh air and seek medical attention. This may be a sign of carbon monoxide poisoning.


In order to keep the portable generator working properly regular maintenance is important. When the machine is not in use it should be stored in a safe area. A person should have it serviced to make sure all the parts are working correctly.

Watch the Power Cord

Be aware of the placement of the power cord. The power cords should not run along the path that people are going to walk since they can be a tripping hazard. Not only can a person get hurt if the cord if pulled it can damage the unit and the outlet. When possible cover the cords with cable covers. Craig from Generator Advisor also stresses an often overlooked thing – DO NOT overload the outlets! This is a potential fire risk.

Use in Dry Areas

Do not use a portable generator near a body of water. If the water becomes exposed to the electricity it can cause a shock. The water can also damage the generator.

Keep the Generator Clean

When using the generator keep it clean. Also keep the area that is surrounding the generator clean. Remove all snow, grease, and other materials from around the generator. Rags should also be removed from the area around the generator because it can lead to a fire. If gas or oil is spilled when refilling the generator this can also lead to a potential fire.

Use Air Protection

Portable generators are very noisy and the noise that they produce is very loud. When working near a generator be sure to wear proper hearing protection. This protection includes ear plugs, headphones that are able to cancel out sound, and other equipment that can be used to protect the ears.

These are some safety tips when using a portable generator. The generator can help a person have power in case of an emergency. As long as they are used in a safe manner the generator is a good source of temporary power.

3 Things Every Mom Working at Home needs to Buy

As a young mother who works from home, there are certain things that you should buy in order to make the process of parenting easy. Young children need your care and you should always be there for them. They like moving from one point to the next. You don’t want your child to be messy especially when you are busy with other tasks if you are a mother who works from home. 

A new mother should know must have products for their baby. There is a wide variety of products in the market these days such as Italian made passeggini leggeri (lightweight strollers), beds, toys and fancy clothes but not all of them are essential. You should only go for life-changing baby products that are listed in this post. 

If you work from home as a new mother you definitely don’t want to miss the following essential things.

Lightweight Stroller

This is definitely a must have if you are a new mother. This will help your baby to relax as you do other household chores. This product is important for young mothers who are doing it alone and do not have someone to help them as they work from home. 

Not all strollers are made equally. Some cannot make your baby comfortable. Just make sure you use a lightweight baby stroller that you can move from one place to the next easily. 

Nipple Cream

This is important for mothers who exclusively breast feed their babies. It is important just in case the nipples get chapped or sore due to breastfeeding. You will definitely be thankful to get this product if you are a mother who works from home.

Baby Carrier

This will help you carry your baby when you need to. It also makes you feel connected with your baby comforting you as a result. 

There are several other baby products you can buy but these are the 3 main things for young mothers working from home.

4 Fun Games you can play with your grandchildren

Kids most at times may constantly stare on cell phones screens playing those video games but then that does not imply that you can capture their attention and direct it to doing something not technology oriented. Actually points out that  kids simply love learning new things and especially from grandparents and their parents too. Video games are not necessarily all you need so that you can have fun and console your grandchildren. All you need to do is recall those old-fashioned childhood games as well as the other activities you termed fun while at those young stages. Most certainly, your grandchildren would very much love those activities. One thing you should be sure of is that grandparents never feel outgrowing their playing need. Some of those games include:

Rope skipping

It might hit you that jumping rope rhymes are so far forgotten from your brain as you used to do them during your youth but then remembering such moves needs only beginning on reading the classics. What you all need for this classic rope jump fun is a single long rope. Have a person at each end of the rope then the one jumping in the middle. If you are only two of you can also play the game by tying one end on a post or tree at least above your waist. There is also a one-person jump rope which you can as well opt for. This game is not only for fun but also will get your grandchildren cardio workout for keeping fit.

Fly away 

According to this article things that fly have some magic in them. Fly away involves use of flying toys which will also teach the grandchildren some physics. The flying toys can be bought or made and also teach the child some skills. You can make helicopters or paper airplanes for playing indoors and airplanes, parachutes, try kites which will be tied on rubber bands for outdoor playing. For the outdoor flying adventures consider areas which have no trees, electricity poles or any other form of obstruction.

Play ball

You remember during the childhood moments the grounders and fliers? This makes one among the many games which one can play using a ball. Get to teach your grandchildren these game and be sure that this will be their routine game especially when it’s sunny. Such games are perfectly played using softballs, rubber balls small in size or tennis balls. They will require quite larger playgrounds for playing. It is fun and more fun bouncing or tossing the ball forth and back. No matter the technique you use, be sure the grandchildren will finally have the ball.

Swing, hop or run

Most of the grandparents can recall memories of those outdoor classic games such as statue swing, hopscotch and tag. Get to teach your grandchildren such games. They are among the most fun, easy and cheap games. The children will as well have a chance of exercising and you will also too as you teach them. All you need is a coach who will judge or rather referee to know who is not swinging, hopping or running like agreed. 

7 Top Children Book Blogs 2018

A year ago, it as anticipated Harry Potter and the wizard universe to develop largy in 2017. Presently we know Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and Two was the main offering book as per numerous retail merchants. Moreover, Fantastic Beast and Where to get or find Them turned into a popular culture of juggernaut,” said David Allender, Editorial Director of Scholastic Reading Club. “Different expectations that turned into a the truth were the development of superheroes, kid-accommodating titles, the blast of shading books of all ages, and additionally the nonstop development and interest for realistic books. We anticipate seeing our patterns enable children to find the power and delight of perusing.” To hear a year ago’s patterns, tune in to our Scholastic Reads podcast.

In case you’re a writer attempting to get distributed or only a book devotee, odds are, you’re generally vigilant for extraordinary book websites, book survey web journals, and online discourses about everything from best in class writers to distributing industry news. Plunge into our rundown of the 18 best book online journals to peruse in 2018.

1. Book Marketing Tools

Book Marketing Tools plans to enable essayists to enter the universe of independently publishing. They enable writers to wind up noticeably better advertisers and, at last, offer more books. Their blog offers a considerable measure of extraordinary bits of knowledge and tips for new and prepared creators.

2. The Book Designer

This immensely famous book blog, composed by Joel Friedlander—who’s worked in the distributing and plan ventures—endeavors to enable individuals to get their story out there. The Book Designer includes more than 1,550 articles on everything from composing and altering to distributing and promoting your work, all from the points of view of individuals who are quite the book business.

3. Clamor Books

The book area of Bustle gives all that you need to see, know, or read in the realm of books. The blog refreshes frequently—as much as 14 or 15 times each day—while keeping up a high caliber of posts and covering an extensive variety of themes, including engaging records, surveys of new discharges, and tips for discovering composing motivation. his previous year’s news features can give kids a false recognition that the world is unkind and unfriendly. Guardians and instructors can accept the open door to discover books by writers and craftsmen who are doing their part to execute the requirement for graciousness in an indeterminate world. For more youthful kids, search for titles that instruct the significance of compassion, receptiveness and sharing. For more seasoned kids, find titles that feature the energy of startling kinships.

4. Omnivoracious

Incredible blog name aside, Omnivoracious is Amazon’s authentic (and must-read) book audit blog. With a moderate and eye-getting outline that spotlights on books, writer meetings, and industry news, this is one book blog that stays up with the latest on all parts of the distributing scene. Dissimilar to other, classification particular online journals, Omnivoracious audits titles going from children’s books and funnies to way of life and tension—and everything in the middle.

5. Mind Pickings

Mind Pickings is only that—musings and perspectives picked from the cerebrum of creator Maria Popova. Themes extend from science to writing to human studies, however all points are established in imagination. It is an astute, generous blog that all perusers and scholars will appreciate. Late research demonstrates that children overall say that the main trademark kids search for when selecting a book to peruse for entertainment only is “make me laugh.”Looking for “roar with laughter” peruses is one approach to enable a youngster to relate perusing as a fun and pleasurable action

6. The New York Review of Books

With a rundown of supporters that peruses like a’s who of the writing and journalistic universes, The New York Review of Books is the scholarly’s book survey blog. Loaded with writing audits, fascinating think pieces, and astute social articles, this blog both advises and rouses.

7. Tara Lazar

This present one’s for the children! Furthermore, by kids we mean kids’ book writers (who, let be honest, bring home the bacon grasping their internal youngsters). Tara Lazar’s book blog is a well known asset for anybody needing to compose, or right now composing, youngsters’ fiction. Articles incorporate counsel on composing for various age gatherings, book outline, and distributing. The site likewise includes Storystorm (beforehand known as Picture Book Idea Month), an incredible interpretation of NaNoWriMo went for creating awesome writing for kids.

5 Tips for Expecting Grandmothers

There are many times that women who have already had children get to be excited. And one of those times is the birth of a grandchild. There may be behavioral etiquette practices. Here are five tips for expecting grandmothers that will help you to stay cool in a time of stress:

1. Assume your daughter or son will do it differently

You might be the mother of a great son. He may or may not be married to his partner. Or you might have a daughter and are so excited she has finally become pregnant. Either way, those parents will be related to you now because that is your grandchild.

But don’t go swoop in and assume that they want your help just because you are family. They might have very different ideas about how they want to prepare for their child. And you must never assume they want your advice.

2. Mend Your Fences

In a December 2016 article in Baby Center entitled “Top 7 tips for new and expecting grandparents”, the writer Melanie Haiken expresses her sentiment on this topic. She says that grandparents need to try to have good relationships with everyone involved. This can seem like a daunting task, but defer to point number one. You need to stay relaxed and let everyone do their thing. Haiken recommends that if you don’t know the other set of grandparents, you should ask for an introduction. You will now be all in this thing together.

3. Be Positive

In The Spruce, the article “10 Tips for Grandparents-to-Be” by Susan Adcox written on October 23, 2017, emphasizes the importance of this. In fact, Adcox makes a distinction that while it will not all be positive, you can still choose to focus on the good.

This means, according to Adcox, when you tell your own baby stories, look for happy memories. You will be able to find a lot of joy in relaying the parts about your baby experience with your children. It will help put their minds at ease. Also, who doesn’t like hearing stories about their own childhoods?

4. Show Your Flexibility

It will be stressful for the mother to be in her pregnancy. She might still be working a job. That can be difficult on the body. You can always offer to bring her by some meals. If you are not living in her city, you can gift her a box that is delivered monthly with fresh food and produce. She will probably not admit it, but she will be over the moon that she can have your help but not necessarily be bombarded with phone calls. You can show your support by periodically asking her if she needs help in any areas. Be the type of person that can graciously accept yes or no.

5. Be a Caring Ear

Some women get emotional during pregnancy. They will just need someone that they can call up and not be judged. Even if you don’t have the greatest relationship with your daughter or son, during this time, they might feel very maternal. They might call you up out of the blue, just wanting someone to listen to them. If you can be that person in that moment without holding it against them later, they will secretly count their blessings. You can be that rock that your family needs, even if it’s only one phone call for the entire year. Chances are, one positive call will lead to more in the future.